Practice Staff


Dr AH Pathan  – MBBS, FPCERT

Dr Ushma Gadhvi  – MBchB, BSc, MRCGP (2011)

Salaried GPs

Dr E Odongo  –  MBchB, MRCGP (2013)

Dr R Burton  –  MBchB

Practice HCA

Ms Rehana Soorty

Mon 09:15am – 13:15pm
Tue 09:15am – 14:15pm
Wed 09:15am – 14:15pm
Thu 09:15am – 12:15pm
Fri: 09:15am – 14:15pm

Practice Manager

Ms Paulette Kerr

Reception Manager

Mr André Hull

Health Visitor

Tola Durowoju

District Nurse

Yaya Kwarteng

Tel: 0207 683 4800
To make an appointment please ring between 09:00am and 18:30pm Monday to Friday.